What can be done to create a more well-rounded curriculum for middle and high school students? essay sample



Educators constantly face some indignation from the remaining society as school curricula constantly miss some essentials. At first, schools provided inadequate sex education and after that, they did not give enough curses on the harm of alcohol. Today educational establishments have their curricula tightly packed with subjects so that students barely catch up with preparing their homework.

There exist many suggestions on how teachers shall improve the quality of high school curricula. Among others, it would be wise to recommend balancing the total number of subjects and define the content of lessons as highly practical or important for a general awareness. First of all, teachers shall make subjects on high school curricula vary so that students can have a basic idea about every field of academic study and every type of occupation. To put it short, the curriculum can be called comprehensive if there is a little of everything on it.

When there are a lot of subjects, it is necessary to balance the workload so that students could handle their daily amount of homework. Some teachers constantly forget that their subject is not the single one in the curriculum and try to make students learn as much material as possible. But all the knowledge in any particular discipline cannot be learned merely at educational establishments. Some disciplines require more of a practical approach, the others are merely introduced so that students have a general idea. It is important that school teachers give the amount of homework they will be able to check for a short period of time because they have to pay attention to all students and work with the whole class.

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