How can we narrow the gap between the skills required by industry and those currently available in college graduates? essay sample

While expecting their graduation, most students anticipate that they are very likely to be unemployed or underemployed with the current degree. Such thoughts occur in young people irrespective of their occupation, which indicates that educational establishments and businesses are at the crisis. While the first continually increase fees for their students to maintain existing faculties, the later cannot find a skilled workforce to fill available job places. Graduates issued by colleges are not yet ready to work due to the range of causes, for this reason about 40 percent of young people face unemployment.

A skill gap is to blame for the situation in which the offer cannot meet the demand in the job market. Employers do not possess skills required by their employees, and colleges barely do something to reduce this gap. The initiative, in most cases, comes from disappointed employers themselves. A number of progressive companies provide innovative training programs for the college graduates. Young people are selected according to their aptitude and trained for the company’s cost to fill the gap in future. Besides, there are college fraternity organizations which provide an online platform where students can learn relevant skills. These organizations are helpful to those students who do not know where to start their job search or how to approach employers.

To eliminate the gap in employment, companies shall define their requirements more clearly. Students, in their turn, shall be more flexible and enroll in online courses. Employers may define which particular programs are necessary to meet their demands, and students will no longer waste their time on learning something they will never need.