Steve Jobs’ personal contribution to society’s obsession with Apple essay sample

As we look at millions of Apple customers, it is clear that the company formerly headed by its famous CEO has definitely done a right job. One of the greatest companies in the digital market, Apple, Inc. continues to attract customers with its image, impeccable service, and pro-customer approach. Apple is always one-step ahead of their customers’ desires, which helps the company to create exactly what consumers want. Certainly, current success shall not  be analyzed only referring to the innovations brought by Steve Jobs and his team. It would be difficult to evaluate some contributions over the others as they all met the goal. But there is always one person who motivates the others to implement something entirely new. Perhaps, one of the greatest personal Jobs’ contributions to the company was his persistent desire to push computers to the areas where they have never been before and the vision on how to implement this idea.

At the very beginning of Apple, computers were used mainly for business in large companies. After the Apple-1 was created by S. Wozniak in 1976, Steve Jobs aimed at making personal computers a necessity for each household. Apparently, the gigantic company developed from the startup of the two people, which is already impressive. Not every small business can reach the level of Apple, but another important Job’s contribution is that he inspired people with his example. Millions of Apple users are attracted by the idea that even the most incredible dreams may come true if we can work hard to achieve them. Jobs pushed his personal passion to the level of common obsession, which is now perceived as a positive expression of capitalism.