Should all small businesses have websites? essay sample

It seems that in the digital age every single business needs some representation on the Internet. But having a closer look at countless small American businesses, we may find out that many of them still function without a website. Some have an account on the social media, the others think they cannot invest their modest income in buying the site, hosting it, and registering its name. At this point, it is important for these businesses to define whether they really need a website at this precise moment or they shall plan to buy one in future.

To enumerate a few advantages of having a website for business, it attracts new customers, enhances advertising, and ensures credibility. To achieve these objectives, managers just need to pay one time and enjoy the way website improves their business. For the higher management of the entire companies, it sounds like a matter of fact, but individuals who have only started a company and have a couple of peers in staff will think twice before buying a website. It is important to note that the website is not a means of advertising itself, it is only the point at which every individual from the global community will be able to reach any particular small business.

Before we decide that a website is essential for business, we shall define cases in which companies can function without the web page quite well. Small, organized, locally-oriented businesses with a number of customers waiting for their services, apparently, may perfectly manage it all offline, at least for a start. And companies which seek to communicate with a broader community and rely on more customers than their local community can provide shall treat buying a website as a must.