How can we promote more tolerant behavior within US society? essay sample



Tolerance is a comprehensive term which, to put it briefly, concerns showing or receiving compassion and benevolent attitude. Different forms of abuse have invaded modern societies as people treat everyone who does not fall under their own standards or social norms hostile. Many people still suppose that individuals who are racially, sexually, physically or mentally different from themselves are potentially dangerous and do not deserve a humane treatment. This way of thinking is very tenacious and difficult to dispose of. Social activists and the mass media tried to discourage this way of thinking, however, not all their efforts were effective.

Tolerant behavior will become more common when individuals stop associating certain racial or gender groups with the personal insult. Wartime conflicts have brought societies at odds, and old social customs used to be offensive towards women as a gender group. The flavor of being humiliated will preserve as long as people recall the unfortunate experience of their forefathers. To break this destructive chain, it is important for most of us to stop reminiscing and transferring ideas about interpersonal barriers to our children. The younger generation is likely to be much more tolerant towards minority groups if parents do not persuade their children to maltreatment on purpose.

Talking about the middle-aged and elder generations, it would be much more difficult, perhaps, even impossible to make confirmed individuals change their mind regarding particular social groups. People convinced in others being at fault are very unlikely to change their mind. That is why a major stress in the promotion of tolerance shall be put on raising the younger generation as considerate and decent people.

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