How can people reduce their reliance on technology? essay sample



Reliance on technology is quite a relative thing, in fact. Someone may think that they are overdependent on digital devices if they feel a need to check their Facebook account every now and then while others realize that they cannot just walk without bumping into passers-by due to the constant staring at their displays. However, the both groups realize the need to decrease their exposure to the electronics in order to enjoy the environment and appreciate the world offline.

Reliance happens when people start feeling uncomfortable due to the constant use of some devices. Perhaps, the use of household appliances cannot be referred to as over-dependence as it makes our life objectively easier and, in general, has little side effects. But it is quite different with the overuse of electronics and cyberspace.

The most effective way to get rid of technological reliance is to engage in activity which demands  concentration of one’s attention or physical participation. It may be sports or dancing, thinking over the important project at work, working in the parent’s garden etc.. Digging vegetable patches just will not allow anyone to stay inseparable with their smartphones. Moreover, it would be extremely beneficial to get distracted from the virtual world by doing something pleasant or useful in the real life.

Moderate consumption of technological gifts is the habit each of us shall adopt. And our social environment may help us to find a balance between the real and virtual worlds. Family and friends shall encourage their close ones to spend more time together, joining for a family dinner or traveling abroad.

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