How can parents and teachers effectively help eliminate cyberbullying? essay sample



The notion of safety in the cyberspace is entirely different from what we got used to dealing with in an everyday reality, and it is important that both children and adults realize it. Perhaps, everybody who has an account on social networks at least for once in their life faced cyberbullying or saw their friends cope with it. Parents of kids who appeared to be victims of the bullies are anxious: each of them knows that the consequences of bullying can be fatal and how important it is to help children in such moments. It is very likely that smart kids will figure it out themselves how to backfire the attacks, however, parents and teachers may refer to a range of methods to protect children.

Coping with cyberbullying embraces measures aimed at teaching victims how to resist the offenders and stopping bullies from ruining lives of the others. Both teachers and parents can and must take part in combatting cyberbullying to achieve the best results. First of all, parents shall make sure that children can always confide in them everything which makes kids anxious. Adults have to save the evidence of cyberbullying and show it to the internet service provider or directly to the police. The role of teachers is to monitor the situation in the group and report parents if their kids show signs of unreasonable fear, anxiety, and anti-social behavior.

In case a cyber bully is detected, educators shall reveal the reasons for such behavior and have a serious conversation with the child. It is important to remember that bullying is a learned behavior. Parents of a bully must have been used inappropriate manners in conversation with one another or tolerated anyone in their social environment insulting or harassing people.

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