How should children be taught about responsible Internet use? essay sample



At the early age of the Internet, very few users realized how many threats it might contain. As soon as people started to store and transmit personal information including the number of credit cards and insurance per the Internet, the incidents of identity theft become extremely frequent. Cyberbullying stroke students and made them vulnerable even at home. That is why the issues of safety shall be by  no means overseen.

Responsible use of the Internet regards to the thorough consideration and protection of data posted online. All parents know that children are very eager to share everything with their friends online. Consequently, it is important that adults explained to their offspring that the virtual world can be dangerous. Filters and firewalls will automatically prevent children opening unsafe or suspicious pages as well as websites with the inadmissible content.

Perhaps, the basic information about the cybersafety shall be explained by teachers at school. Every course on computer science shall start from few introductory lessons on the responsible use of the Internet. Teachers shall inform students about the latest hazards developed by hackers and ways to avoid them. It is essential to remind students that personal files can be vulnerable not only on computer and mobile devices but also in cloud backups.

Maintaining all necessary internet safety is not as easy as just not posting provocative photos on the Facebook. With all existing apps and services used for protection of sensitive data, it may be challenging even for adults to make sure that their information is safe. Nevertheless, teaching kids to stay alert concerning their online-activity will obviously benefit them in future.


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