How Does Over Crowding Affect Human Beings? essay sample

Imagining our planet, we can hardly assume that carrying capacity of Earth is exceeded by the human population. Advancements in technology, industrialization, and globalization induce people create densely populated areas and survive there. Overpopulation is considered to be a global environmental issue which affects both human beings and wild nature. The entire governments direct their efforts at the reduction of overcrowding to make living in densely populated areas more comfortable.

Overpopulation has happened due to several factors. The industrial revolution brought products to feed the families and medicine to cure them. It certainly diminished mortality rate which was high due to the epidemics that were unavoidable before the revolution. In those times, poor families normally had many children which were essential top survive. Technological advancement has also solved the problem of infertility for many families. Much more people today can have their own children due to the medical treatment. The lack of family planning has also contributed to overpopulation. People in developing countries just do not understand why they need to have one or two children if they have grown in enormous families themselves.

Overcrowding threatens population with the depletion of natural resources. There is a limited amount of water and fossil fuels on the Earth which are essential to feeding our families and warming our homes. The amount of pollution, on the contrary, correlates with the increasing population. The environment is degrading because the active use of fossil fuels caused the global climate change. Besides, densely populated areas have problems with accommodations and employment: the cost of living is high and the housing itself is usually poor. Jobs are scarce and usually poorly paid. Therefore, the more people live in the area, the worse their living appears to be.

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