Relation between Physical Illness and Stress essay sample


The link between stress and illnesses may not be visible to everyone, nevertheless, it exists. People who stay under the constant pressure never remain completely healthy for a long time and develop some disease. From the very beginning, scientists doubted that these diseases have any relations to stress in particular. Nevertheless, the recent discoveries prove that such a link really exists. Researchers explain that stress undermines the capacity of the human body to cope with inflammations.

Partially, stress stimulates behaviors like smoking or alcohol consumption which undermine our health. But to the greater extent stress is destructive because of cortisol produced by the adrenal gland. Apparently, specific receptors become blocked when the hormone has been released. As cortisol itself works to combat inflammation in the body, it appears ineffective when we are distressed.

Therefore, people who live under the constant stress are likely to catch inflammatory diseases in the  first place. However, we shall not reduce that field term to the common cold – there is quite a wide range of inflammatory diseases and conditions which can be exacerbated by them. Eczema, arthritis, peptic ulcer and many others can stimulate such serious conditions as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, and asthma.

The relation between stress and illnesses has been being rigorously studied until today to find out more about glucocorticoid resistance (inability to accept cortisol) and its impact on human health.  However, all busy people have already experienced that stress certainly gives a boost to diseases which require to remain in a bed at least for a couple of days and prevent from doing one’s job.