Short Term and Long Term Memory essay sample

Memory is a fascinating human ability to recollect pieces of knowledge and experience years after we first heard them. Memorizing is a unique mechanism regulated by our brain which sorts the information out according to its importance and transfers it either to the short term or long term memory.  People suppose that they have either good or bad memory according to the amount of fact they are able to recollect. In fact, memorizing depends on the speed of neural processes in our brain and general activity of the neurons.

The information which has been identified as irrelevant in our brain passes straight to the short term memory. Scientists claim that short memory span is about 5 or 7 seconds which explains why people frequently forget things they have just heard. In case the brain treats information as essential,  it passes to the long term memory. Apparently, people can remember certain events for the whole life due to the long term memory. Its functioning may be especially well observed in the elderly. Some senior people can recollect trends which were in vogue more than 50 years ago; at the same time, they may not remember what they had for a lunch recently.

Memory helps us to cope with challenges of the everyday life, however, the process of forgetting is essential too. Imagine the mess which could appear if people remembered every single piece of information they have heard in their life. Though people use only little part of their brain potential, it is flexible and adapts to the external circumstances very well. The ability to forget helps us to keep mental balance and have both short and long term memory proper functioning.