How does the social decline affect morality? essay sample



The social decline has always been predetermined by the place of moral values in each particular culture. Western societies which still have not broken their bond with religion stick to their spiritual and moral values, thus, try to enhance the quality of life and average benefits to each citizen. However,  social and moral downfalls are mutually interrelated: poor morality drags social instabilities and vise versa. Consequently, feeling that their living conditions become only worse, many people will give up on their moral principles to survive and improve the conditions for their family.

The social decline is a general concept which embraces various failures made by officials and average citizens in the social sphere. Gun violence and high rate of homicide clearly indicate that society is moving in the wrong direction. Strong intentions of the countries to expand military force and reluctance to demolish weapons of mass destruction display hostility to the foreign partners. Life expectancy is another vivid criterion which helps to measure social decline. Mortality of children may be mentioned alongside as it points either to improper health care or to the inability of people to access healthcare. At the stage of decline, the number of children with higher education drops, and fewer kids attend secondary school.

Experiencing a worsening of living standards, more average individuals tend to feel miserable and ignored by their governments. It makes the perfect ground for hatred and revenge. Trying to improve the life of their own family, individuals are more likely to ignore other people in need and concentrate upon material goods instead. Thus, social troubles lead to devaluation of moral values.

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