Is technological progress always bad for people’s health? essay sample



Alongside with the uncountable benefits, development of technologies brings us several drawbacks and certain discomfort which spoil the excitement from the latest inventions. Damage concerns predominantly health and environment as many users do not pay attention to the influence of gadgets upon their well-being. But are these consequences really as evil as the mass media describes them?

In fact, the threat of electronics to the human health is very limited and happens mostly due to the misuse or improper disposal of the electronic gadgets. It is always up to people how many hours they spend staring at the screen or playing video-games. The only damaging factor which users cannot eliminate is electromagnetic radiation. Encircling ourselves with electronic devices, we may put our internal organs under the pressure. As for the rest, people can protect their health by interrupting their work for doing physical exercises.

Trying to estimate the impact of technologies upon our health, we must remember that newly-developed medical equipment allows us to diagnose the most pressing diseases at the early stages. Screening has considerably improved over the last decade, and now patients with cancer at the early stages have more chances to be properly diagnosed. Besides fulfilling our basic needs, such revolutionary scientific methods as genetic sequencing which can diagnose genetic diseases even better than blood tests and screening.

Apparently, health damage provided by new technological devices is exaggerated by the mass media. Smart use and moderate consumption of digital innovations ensure safety for individuals who care about their health.

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