Is counterrevolution an obligatory response to any revolution? essay sample



By this time, yet no country has learned how to stay immune from the revolutionary movements. Revolution has always been a radical tool for social classes to change politics or economy seeking to achieve freedom and improve well-being. Counter-revolutionary movements usually come along with the revolutions as they try to reverse or stop the revolution from further development. France, Germany, England and other countries in Europe and all over the world made up clear examples of how the conflict of revolutionary and counterrevolutionary movements can develop and transform society.

A struggle of the two contradictory regimes, revolution, in most cases, drags counterrevolution. Throughout the history, demands of revolutionist were unlikely to be satisfied without the resistance of the dominant party. This conflict always lies in the basis of any civil war, uprising or rebellion so that naturally the followers of the current regime will strive to suppress revolutionary spirits.

In general, counterrevolutionary means “reactionary”, however, it may be applied to describe opponents as well as advocates of a revolution. The consequences of the both may appear either positive or negative. Frequently, a domestic unrest can grow up into an international conflict which was the case with French Revolution of 19723, Russian Revolution of 1917, and Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979. Counterrevolutionary politicians always knew that instability inside their countries at some point may involve external response which increased the need to overturn a revolution.

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