Does the phenomenon of intersexuality need more visibility? essay sample



Most of us imagine that cases in which the definition of a person’s sex may be difficult are extremely rare. Researchers, however, prove that there are nearly two percent of intersexual people which is not rare at all. Some of these individuals undergo corrective surgery, others live as they are. Taking into account the evidence that individuals of a middle-sex are a part of the modern society, the necessity to protect their rights and ensure comfortable living arises.

As compared to the problems of LGBT community, intersexuality issues receive very little enlightenment in the mass media. Difficulties with determining the sex of newly-born babies have been reported to the mass community, but average people still do not realize that the division of human beings into two sexes has already become outdated. Belonging to the third gender, people have either to decide which sex they chose or to remain intersexuals. Not all people are willing to undergo surgery and take in hormonal treatment to transform themselves into males or females. In this case, it is necessary for society to accept the existence of the third gender and behave tolerantly to the individuals who have different physical characteristics.

Anthropologists suppose that hermaphrodites existed yet in the ancient cultures. Numerous pictures, scripts, and sculptures show individuals with quite ambiguous sexual features. Some non-Western cultures still perceive gender as non-binary characteristic, whereas in Western culture individuals who do not identify themselves either as males or as females are considered to be flawed or disordered. That is why intersexuality shall be addressed more often in the Western world to let people not feel guilty for their nature.

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