Is sincere love and care for children more important than the type of family (single parent or gay couple)? essay sample


A family is a prior value in most cultures all over the world. This unity provides love, support, and care alongside with the primary social identification. Nevertheless, all families are very diverse and they resemble one another only at first sight. Today it is a common fact that adoptive, one-parent, and transsexual families exist alongside with the traditional nuclear ones but not all people tolerate their existence equally.

To most of us, type of the family is a personal business which does not have to bother the remaining society. Nevertheless, children raised by adoptive or homosexual parents know how tough it is to answer awkward questions and stand the bizarre reaction of the peers to their response. Unfortunately, not all families teach their children to think and behave tolerantly to the peers who were raised in any type of family different from theirs. Frankly speaking, adults frequently blame children for being raised inappropriately in a family which shall be ashamed. If parents representing sexual or racial minorities decide to adopt a child and make up a fully-fledged family, conservative individuals view them as immoral. Some people believe that decent children can be educated only in nuclear families, but does it mean that all those kids who wait for any family to adopt them will have no bright future?

A type of the family does not really matter if parents aim to transfer essential values to their children. Gay couples are capable of bringing up happy and successful children, and nuclear families can experience domestic violence or other troubles such as just as a family of any type. Love and care, on the other hand, strengthen all families around the world and help children to become well-educated.


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