How to address behavioral concerns in young children essay sample


Behavioral problems are not a rare occasion in toddlers and preschoolers. Most children act on the impulse and are guided by their whims unless they realize the necessity to behave as their parents tell them. The latter, in their turn, may become desperate trying to get on with their kids. Misbehavior is a major problem with younger children, and parents frequently do not know how to correct it. Perhaps, to make child’s behavior correspond expectations, parents shall clearly express how exactly they want children to behave.

Violent behavior is another concern of anxious parents that cannot be ignored. It is not normal for a child to bully or threaten their peers or burst in a fit of rage with parents. It is a common thesis that the lack of problem-solving skills gives birth to inappropriate behavior in various situations. Sometimes, parents have to offer peaceful ways to solve a problem and discuss other solutions with their child.

Overusing technology is very common behavior that evokes anxiety in parents. Children have little restrictions to access the internet or play video games which gradually transform into addiction. In this case, parents shall realize their own responsibility in child’s behavior – apparently, they allowed too much screen time or tolerated this behavior in any other way.

Frequently, parents find out that their kids have a poor success at school and lack of motivation to study hard. This issue may be a little bit more complicated because not all children can force themselves to study under the pressure. In some cases, it can be the result of ADHD or a learning disability. It is worth to see a pediatrician in case if parents are not sure about the reason of an unexpected academic decline.