Ways to prevent teen pregnancy essay sample



According to statistic data, current rates of teenage pregnancy have dropped to 10 percent which is the historically lowest figure. Nevertheless, parents express their concerns relating to the health and safety of their teenage children. Unwanted pregnancy poses both health and financial risks adults are perfectly aware of. But many of them do not know how to approach such an intimate issue in a conversation with their child.

Doubtless, parents shall not avoid a conversation about sex if the child wants to hear this information from them. On the other hand, the sources of information shall not be limited to parental education only. In the digital age, children discover something about sex yet before their parents consider the necessity of having this conversation. Thus, it is important for teachers to work hard on sexual education of kids. The better awareness of the health risks children receive, the more cautious they behave in their life.

Besides a proper education, adolescents need a better access to a basic contraception. Most of them will not tell their parents about their first sexual experience, and it is important that they could purchase condoms without restrictions. Naturally, abstinence is the best way to avoid undesirable pregnancy, but teenagers are a sexually active age group and it is difficult and useless to prevent them from sexual development this way.

Therefore, the excess of scientifically correct information on the health of adolescents is a key to successful prevention of pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases. Children shall stay educated and aware of the risks that can damage their future life, which means that parents and teachers shall do their best to sexual education.

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