How to find a balance⚖️ between usefulness and taste essay sample

We typically divide food into what is useful and what is tasty. Here we have a disturbing controversy; useful food can hardly be tasty, while everything delicious we usually find in the nearest fast food restaurant. It is impossible to combine them both unless only you are an apathetic eater. Another solution to the problem of healthy food is to find the sort of healthy food you like. Perhaps, you enjoy fish, seafood, good vine, and home-made pizza? Here is good news for people like you. There are lots of tasty vegetables and animal products and even more ways to cook them in a healthy way. Think beyond traditional steaks or french fries and discover specialties of Mediterranean and Japanese diet. We typically believe these things are too elaborate for a standard American table, but there is nothing too complicated about cooking a Greek salad or sushi. Just like the point of taste, the usefulness of the food depends on many factors. The origin of products matters most. Are your vegetables fresh and picked from a local farmer? Do you prefer whole grains over usual corn flakes? It also depends on whether we fry products, boil, or steam them. Grilled and fried food has better alternatives. Spices also add taste to the plainest dishes. Try cooking pilaf instead of common rice and enjoy a tasty slow food.