How do cooking skills 👨‍🍳 impact eating habits🥐? essay sample

Lately, cooking has transformed from the daily choir into an elaborate hobby. Today it is more common for TV producers than for ordinary family people to get interested in various cooking trends. When not inspired by Hell’s Kitchen, we cook mostly semi-products and snacks in a microwave oven. Recalling cooking skills of our grandmothers, we can say that they still had plenty of time to cook delicious meat, potato, pancakes, cookie and more dishes. Our cooking skills lag far behind as we have everything ready-made. It is not only cooking tradition that deteriorates. Our eating habits spoil proportionately to the time we devote to cooking and consuming food. The correlation between cooking and eating habits is quite clear. The more time we devote to shopping, the better products we have at the table. Taking enough time to cook good products, we get delicious dishes in the end. Cooking delicious food, we refuse the fast food and all kinds of prepacked snacks. Slow food is the entirely different tradition of cooking and eating; it is also about paying respect to the food. We cannot eat properly when we do not cook and eat mostly on the go. Perfecting our cooking is a good way to improve the overall quality of nutrition. But there is more to do than looking for a recipe of a soup or risotto. Slow food requires smart shopping for us to buy proper grains and vegetables. There are different sorts of meat and fish, some healthier than the others. We have to learn more about advantages of available products to make a smart shopping. Cooking a good food and enjoying it is easier than we think. We only have to devote some time for this part of our day.