The role of theatrical skills 🎭 and acting abilities in dancing💃 essay sample

Performing arts aim to convey a certain message to the audience. It is especially important in theater dances, such as ballet or modern dance. They are a part of a greater performance that also involves acting and playing live music. When in theater, dancers become fully-fledged actors. Their body movement is not the only thing spectators pay attention to. The audience cares about dancer’s expression of emotions and a narrative action in the play. Over centuries, ballet developed into a proper theatrical art, therefore, clear expression is as vital to dancers as their elaborate technique. A lively expression is also a vital part of folk and some participatory dances. Whether people dance to please the audience or enjoy the dance themselves, they cannot do it with a poker face. Folk dance is a powerful means of transmitting energy from the dancer to the audience, and expression plays a key role in folk performance. In swing dances, emotional connection with the partner and music is so crucial that it is impossible to dance jive or west coast swing with the blank face. Ballroom dancers also require certain expression in their dance. Whether a romantic waltz or an energetic quickstep, dancers have to show their connection with the music through facial expression. It is easy for professional dancers to enjoy the music and the mood of their dance but things are very different for amateurs. Those who only start dancing often have difficulties getting rid of their strained expression. In any case, the audience wants to see only the beautiful side of dancing not the challenging one at the dancer’s face.