The correlation between the relationships of a dancing couple and the quality of dance💃 essay sample

Ballroom dancing is a competitive sport. Despite the male partner dominates on the floor, the responsibility for performance is equally divided between him and his female partner. At the same time, dancing is more than just a sport. It requires close communication and regular interaction of two partners, that is the reason why dancers so carefully choose a partner for competitions. It is not enough to dance gracefully and technically correct. The couple has no chance to succeed if they are at odds in a non-dancing world. Personal relationships in a couple directly influence their quality of dancing and define individual satisfaction of dancers. It happens so often that the two dancers are also a couple outside dancing. In this case, all ups and downs of their personal relationships enter the dance floor. This tendency may be helpful in dancing but it can also ruin a common career of talented and skillful dancers. Many couples that break up quit ballroom dancing at all as they find their unfortunate experience too traumatic. Relationships in dancing are very much like relationships in the personal life. You cannot compare the dancing experience with business cooperation. You cannot turn a blind eye to something you do not like about your partner because dancing requires some minimal spiritual bond. Just like in personal life, conflict management skills and open communication are lifesavers in professional ballroom dancing. A human factor plays a huge role in this sport that is also an art and the means of self-expression.