How to get funding for medical research? essay sample



For the last decades, scientific research including medicine, technology, and climate change was funded by the federal government. Recently, public universities across the US experienced cuts in the research funding, which limits the abilities of new scientists. National scientific foundations and medical institutes also receive grants from the government. Medical research is also backed by non-profit foundations. Citizens indirectly stimulate medical research by paying taxes, purchasing drugs from pharmaceutical companies, and donating to charities. We cannot ignore the funding provided by pharmaceuticals, however, companies that provide financial backing for the research tend to influence its outcome.

In search of grants, fellowships, and awards to fund their medical research, students and scientists shall look through the list of governmental institutions which can provide financial backing. National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation are the largest and also prestigious organizations which gather scientists and provide money for medical research. Students may have a look at the specific governmental websites that provide a review of relevant grants in multiple disciplines. Foundation Center database may give links to numerous philanthropy institutions across the country that are eager to donate money for plenty of projects including medical research.

Non-governmental organizations such as William T. Grant Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trusts work to promote a range of health programs.

Searching funds for their research, scientists may apply to large organizations which concentrate on specific areas of health research. Thus, National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, and American Brain Tumor Association will be useful to those who do a research on cancer. Institutions such as the Alzheimer’s Association, the American Parkinson Disease Association, and American Heart association also provide backing for the research of specific diseases.

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