Is NASCAR a sport? essay sample

Perhaps, not all of us have ever thought why driving stock cars is considered to be a sport. Millions of people drive to work and then back home every day, but most of them are far from going in for sports. Daily driving seems to be the most unsporting activity that requires constant sitting and drags obesity. But does NASCAR equals conventional driving?

If we define sport as an activity that involves strict rules and competition, NASCAR is a sport already.  But the most important thing is that such a racing requires a perfect physical shape from the driver which can be achieved only by regular training. People who have never thought about the conditions in which NASCAR drivers race, cannot fully imagine how simple driving may require physical strength. Whatever we may think watching NASCAR competition on TV, athletes involve their full physical potential to drive stock cars. These vehicles speed up to 190 miles per hour and need to turn around a radius of 750 feet. The driver must resist the force of the Earth’s gravity that by no means can be compared to G-force felt by the city drivers. Needless to say, NASCAR drivers are in an impeccable shape if they withstand 3 hours of racing.

NASCAR teams obviously have their pit crews that also train hard. They frequently contain former hockey or football players. Crews must jack up the car, change tires, add fuel to the tank, and do it all in 15 seconds – that is impressive indeed. Therefore, NASCAR drivers and their crews leave no doubt that their activity is a full-fledged sport that requires more than hazard and competition.

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