Is Astrology real? essay sample

As a system of predictions, astrology may look appealing to those who has ever received a nice and precise horoscope. The others approach astrologers skeptically and treat their activity as a fraud. Indeed, astrology is a set of beliefs rather than a science if its methods cannot be scientifically proven. Astrology partially takes its roots from the astronomical knowledge, but its relation to the human destiny seems farfetched. Nevertheless, a certain part of the community reaches out astrologers in critical periods of their lives. A strange thing is that some charts can be incredibly precise. Are they a nice guess or a logical consequence of phenomena taking place beyond the Earth?

Astrology may work as a source of explanation and remedies for some people. Astrologers who are good at psychology can make their charts especially helpful for clients. Being a good listener, watching client’s body language, and discovering their problem, astrologers may persuade people that everything they tell is written in the stars, not at the client’ face. In fact, astrologers who use amulets, stones, and other objects to influence the effect of celestial bodies look like simple fortunetellers while the others more resemble therapists. The role of the planets in these activities is still uncertain as one and the same successful prediction can be done without any charts at all.

The success of horoscopes probably lies in numerous manipulative tricks as this method of discovering the truth about ourselves was much more popular before the advent of the internet. And now we cannot define what astrology actually is. Maybe it is a collection of beliefs uniting the notions which have nothing in common.  The future of astrology is even vaguer than its nature.

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