How to quickly improve time management? essay sample


Unfortunately, there is no such subject as time management on the high school curricula. As students mature and experience the whole pressure of higher education, they wish a day contained more hours. Trying to complete homework, self-study, and on-campus duties on time, students have rather few opportunities to enjoy parties. Falling asleep in the broad daylight, they realize that something must be done to squeeze all necessary activities in 24 hours.

We frequently wonder how some of our peers manage to complete a huge amount of tasks on the daily basis. Apparently, they do not have time-turners, which means that all of us can work quickly and productively. To improve our time management, we shall prioritize our work. It is no good trying to do everything at once if there is a plenty of different tasks. Perhaps, it will be better to sort them out according to the deadlines.

The next step is to avoid procrastination. Being unable to concentrate on the essential tasks, we keep wandering through the social networks and other resources which do not assist in accomplishing our tasks. There are plenty of explanations for a common procrastination, and they range from poor self-discipline to having little interest in the required tasks.

Last, trying to meet the deadlines, we shall refuse from taking additional work. Most of us strive to be energetic and highly time-efficient, but every task on our to-do list requires time. More tasks require more time which is already scarce. Even if we stop procrastinating and do our job quickly, we cannot ignore such essentials as food or sleep and replace them with other tasks.