How to overcome burnout? essay sample

However interesting our occupations may be, no one can prevent burnout. It is hard to predict the moment when our passion for work drains: people just become stunned with their inability to perform routine tasks. It was merely a day ago when we felt still enthusiastic about our business, and today we suddenly became helpless and miserable anticipating more job to do.

Burnout is a durable lack of enthusiasm, which makes running a business impossible. It does not depend on health conditions and is not tied to any particular season, unlike SAD, which can evoke similar symptoms. It is hardly possible to avoid a burnout, but still, we can take steps to rekindle our productivity.

In the first place, people shall take a sufficient break to stop being tired with work. Even short vacations help to restore the balance between business and private life. Burnout frequently happens when we dedicate all the time to something that shall be a limited part of our day. It would be useful to refuse from the laptop and cell phone during this break or at least not check emails.

As soon as we feel rejuvenated again, we shall start avoiding things that drag burnout. They are daily stress and overload. The least we can do to help ourselves is to break destructive habits. Our routine morning rituals usually resemble races – we do everything as fast as we can to arrive at the office on time. Consequently, we become distressed and tired even before we get to our workplace. Perhaps, it would be better to avoid hasty morning duties and take time. It is also worth trying to take small breaks while working. It is impossible to stay productive if we concentrate on business all day through. It is better to break work into pieces and relax for 10-15 minutes after accomplishing any of these tasks.

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