Is it possible to detach ourselves from materialistic comforts? essay sample

Owning things is a distinct feature of the consumer society. Businesses from all around the world encourage us to buy more, search for a better quality in products, and surround ourselves with brand-new items that appear on the market. Looking at these advertising, we merely pass by while the increase in our purchases is steady and unnoticed. We buy the items highly recommended by video bloggers even if our old ones still work. We also attach to smartly-advertised things as we believe that they will make our life better.

Many people find it difficult to restrict themselves in purchasing if their income allows it. Moreover, we treat things as if they have any deeper meaning. In fact, they are only tools to achieve some result. We need to realize that the final aim of owning is using and getting benefits from our possessions. Manufacturers make us believe that every single item is essential which is not true. Numerous popular products frequently end up lying in the drawers as they actually have no practical application.

It is really difficult to define whether we can detach from materialistic values in this consumer society. Some of us can overcome their buying enthusiasm while the others cannot resist their nature of a completist. Perhaps, we can try to switch our interests to any other field, set new goals, and stream our enthusiasm for something useful. It will be useful to dispose of items that fill our space but do not perform any function. We shall not own things for the sake of owning because soon they will end up owning us, as a proverb says.

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