Immigration and Assimilation essay sample



Currently, immigration became a hot topic issue. The US, as well as numerous European countries, face an uncontrollable flow of migrants from developing countries which constantly increases. Governments do their best to stop as many immigrants as they can, but finally, a lot of foreigners settle in America. Sometimes they do it legally, but in most cases, they come unregistered.

Assimilation is a key to maintaining comfortable and sustainable living within a new community. Most immigrants find it difficult to assimilate, especially when their foreign nature is evident. It mostly touches upon people of color and non-English speakers. The American community developed an ambiguous treatment of immigrants which usually deters assimilation. Many immigrants come from the poorest countries and possess no more than basic skills which make them the cheapest workforce in the country. Their rights are overlooked as they cannot and do not want to argue with their employers.

Immigration may be useful to unfair entrepreneurs but it certainly damages economic conditions in the country. The number of poor people continually increases, do not even mentioning those who do not pay taxes to the federal budget. The percentage of immigrants which make some contribution is small as compared to their total number. For this reason, the government, as well as average people, does not appreciate their presence at the US territory. That is another hurdle to assimilation.

Some people say that individuals who move abroad to live among foreign people and their strange culture can never assimilate completely. Perhaps, it is only partially correct, as assimilation is mostly about appreciation. As soon as a community accepts immigrants, they will find assimilation much easier and enjoyable.

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