What Commercials Play at What Times During the Day? essay sample

A number of commercials on TV became pretty stunning these days. Shows and programs are interrupted by ads more frequently, and the same content often plays for two times in a raw. Most adults are easily annoyed by repetitive and silly commercials and try to avoid them using websites and online platforms to watch shows after they were aired. But still, it is impossible to do without TV in an average household. Most children are regularly exposed to inappropriate or simply manipulative content even if all licensed channels have time ramifications for the airing of certain types of content. So what time is appropriate for children if parents do not want to feel awkward watching commercials together?

As a rule, advertising for adults comes on air after 10 pm. By this time, kids are removed from the TV set and will not see adds promoting alcohol, cigarettes, condoms and other products oriented at adults. Nevertheless, parents who watch family shows and animation together with kids may notice that similar content comes on air even in the daytime. Even if these ads do not contain typically adult content, they frequently show nudity, sexuality, violence and other unsuitable for kids issues. What makes parents even more embarrassed is the evidence that all channels do not bother to adapt advertising for the young audience.

Talking about commercials, we shall remember that they cannot fit all audiences at the same time. Companies earn generous sums of money advertising things that may attract a large number of people at all times. So it is really uncertain whether kids shall watch ads even if they interrupt their favorite cartoons.