Ratings and New Technologies: How Does Youth Watch Television? essay sample

In the recent years, broadcasting companies see a steady change in habits of their audience. While older people remained committed to TV sets which accompanied them for the greater part of their life, the audience aged 35 and younger use other sources of entertainment. The advent of digital devices has certainly shifted youth’s priorities away from TVs and DVRs. Tablets, smartphones, laptops allow them to watch favorite shows anytime and everywhere. No wonder, youngsters do not need to stay attached to their TV sets anymore because electronic devices provide the most popular shows without annoying ads.

The younger generation feels an extraordinary power to optimize their time management. Years ago, their parents put their activities aside to watch favorite series on air. Today people can forget about such time limitations. Advertising companies switch to the most popular movie and series websites in order not to lose a single viewer and not to let their profits decline. Actually, broadcasting companies themselves see the future in the internet technologies so that. Companies like BBC heavily invest in online services to compensate for the decline of their TV audience.

Social networks, YouTube, and other web platforms that share content can fully substitute entertainment which decades ago was available only on TV. The shift was inevitable as technological progress advances by leaps and bounds. No one could imagine that such a mundane thing as a TV set will become quite unwanted in future.

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