Social Media and Celebrities essay sample



In the twenty-first century, stars are close to us as never before and space phenomena have nothing to do with that. Social media unite people all over the world and, in this case, assure interaction between stars and their fans. Online activity of famous people gives the impression that they are literally at our fingertips. Not so many people who listen to music or watch television are immune to following their favorite film stars on Twitter or Instagram. And millions of users regularly notice some breaking news concerning notorious socialites in their newsfeed on Facebook.

People are interested in news from celebrities, and stars do not lose their opportunity to have numerous fans attached to their social media accounts. Online platforms provide a great chance to become even more public so that famous people eagerly upload recent photos. Besides, most social media provide an option of verification which sufficiently reduced the number of fake accounts and cases of stolen identity.

Following celebrities on social networks, fans may have a fake impression that famous people read countless comments under their posts. Stars still remain a different class of people even if they tweet several times a day. But looking at the photos of famous people engaged in their routine activities, fans also may think that they are ordinary humans too. They do not shine from the stage every single day or have a red carpet party as often as a tour to the supermarket. Social media offer us a better look at the backstage where celebrities have friends, family, duties, and responsibilities.

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