Impending food crisis essay sample


Food security appeared to be an unattainable goal for the agricultural businesses of the world. Despite developed countries feel no food deficit, the same cannot be said about the third-world countries. Billions of people in the world are currently short of food, and their condition is not improving at the moment. Improper agricultural policies, uneven distribution of food, and unsustainable development are suspected to contribute to the crisis.

Taking a closer look at the factors that exacerbate food crisis, we shall mention climate change. The weather changes with every year granting more areas with droughts and floods. GM crops with high resistance to external factors still evoke a controversy so that farmers in the developing countries frequently risk to come with nothing. Prices on grain rise due to shrinking grain reserves; prices on fertilizers and means of protection for plants are not stable as well. All these factors make global agricultural businesses make profits while small farms are not really productive.

Despite the abundance of food in the developed world, the US has joined the list of food insecure countries. By 2015, more than 15 percent of American households were either food insecure or experienced very low food security. More and more people become eligible for the national food stamp program that does not entirely solves the problem of poverty and poor access to food.

Localization of food production is a possible solution to the food crisis. Fair prices and equal distribution of yields is crucial to deliver food to those regions where production cannot meet consumption.

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