Is an affair always a “symptom” of problems within a marriage? essay sample


The prevailing majority of psychologists would say that a love affair cannot make a marriage stronger. Quite on the contrary, extramarital relationships will sooner or later destroy the marriage. The topic of unfaithful relationships was thoroughly investigated by a large number of psychologists for the last few decades at least. According to the polls conducted during the research, there are several main reasons why people are driven to have an affair while being married.

According to the popular belief, problems in sexual life definitely stimulate the desire of having extramarital relationships. Psychologists agree with this statement and admit that the lack of sexual satisfaction is very likely to change the behavior of a person who previously seemed enough devoted to their spouse. Even if the couple greatly enjoys other shared activities, they are unlikely to compensate the lack of physical contact.

Physiological satisfaction is a potent drive of romance, but emotional integrity remains to be another core constituent of living happily ever after. Some people discover that they have nothing in common with their spouses only after getting married. It is also a common case that people become disillusioned after marriage; they can no longer satisfy their spouses emotionally which is a serious threat to relationships.

Whatever cause is behind having a love affair, people usually feel that such course of events is not normal. Even if unfaithful spouses can do with their bad conscience, sooner or later the truth emerges. From this moment on, the marriage is bulging at the seams.