Is banning certain foods a solution to lifestyle diseases? essay sample


To some people, banning certain food looks like making alcohol and tobacco illegal: eating habit is an individual peculiarity which may possibly cause certain diseases. Nevertheless, junk food cannot be compared to addictive substances regarding the effect it makes on one’s social environment: eating snacks is damaging only to the person who has decided to consume them while tobacco greatly affects second-hand smokers and alcohol induces socially dangerous behavior in people. From this perspective, banning junk food is a little exaggerated.

Fast food and street food certainly affect the health of the consumers, therefore it would be sensible to limit their range on the shelves of supermarkets. No doubt, it is more than a difficult task because  junk food industry is enormous. It is also important to implement certification of fast food restaurants and close the establishments that neglect the quality of oil and other products. As we know, multiple usage of one and the same oil is the precise factor that makes fast food dangerous.

Certain restrictions in the retail of food are inevitable if officials take a course on diminishing obesity, diabetes, and cancer. On the other hand, junk food is not the only thing that makes us ill. Lifestyle diseases emerge from unhealthy habits that accompany us every day. Sedentary lifestyle and a lack of movement strongly affect metabolism and blood circulation. In a long term perspective, physical inactivity brings discomfort associated with the poor activity of stomach and stiffness of joints at the very least. It is possible to restrict the retail of junk food somehow, but the lifestyle and habits are entirely up to each of us.

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