To what extent is plastic surgery healthy? essay sample

Chasing one’s elusive youth, people refer to all possible manipulations that will make them unbelievably young. A common way to return an appealing look to aging skin is plastic surgery. Besides age related issues, plastic surgery is widely used to correct inborn and acquired facial defects. And last but not least, those who find their bodily shapes unaesthetic frequently refer to plastic surgeons with the aim to make themselves look like celebrities. In most cases, plastic surgery is optional – it is not something of a prior importance. Nevertheless, the desire to achieve a full perfection frequently takes over the sensible arguments.

Just as any other intrusion, plastic surgery has its risks and complications. The human body may negatively respond to any surgical manipulation but patients of plastic surgeons shall remember that they were healthier before the surgery. Face lifts are usually followed by numbness. Abdominal plastic surgery may cause a standstill of body fluids in the tissues. Necrosis or a death of tissues is likely to affect smokers because blood circulation in their tissues is already poor. On the other side, hematoma or excessive bleeding happens when there is an increased blood supply in the place of surgery. In every type of surgery, infections can happen if a surgeon ignores sterility of tools. In very rare cases, toxins released from anesthetics and non-certified fillers may cause lethal consequences.

In order to avoid unpleasant complications and disillusionment, individuals ready for a surgery shall contrast their expectations against possible outcomes. Sometimes, risks and expenses do not correspond to the final result of the surgery.