Is it important for all schools to conduct mandatory drug testing? essay sample

Following the example of numerous corporations, some principals prefer to conduct drug testing in their schools. To detect and prevent the use of substances, educators refer to the testing in various cases. It may be a random testing, affecting random students once in a certain period of time. Drug testing is also applied to those students whose behavior is suspicious to teachers and legislators. Certainly, not all schools refer to drug testing without any reason, but the trend can possibly expand if educators make a larger emphasis on teenage drug abuse.

Legally, only those students who participate in sporting events can undergo drug testing in their school. Reasonable suspicions may also urge teachers to demand a drug test. As for the rest, the necessity of drug testing is unclear. Perhaps, random checks work really good with students who do not show any signs of drug abuse, but is it really a school’s function to search for individuals using drugs? Apparently, with the increase of drug use among teenagers, public schools became more like law enforcement offices. Students do not understand why exactly they must give their samples if they have not done anything wrong. Besides, there is a risk that samples are forged so that innocent students can be discredited.

All in all, drug testing shall never be mandatory in all schools. Teachers may refer to it in certain cases, but they are not the only people taking care of students. Parents shall be attentive enough to discover any inclination to substances in their children, and this business shall remain within the family.