Will posting students’ grades on bulletin boards publicly motivate them to perform better? essay sample

Will posting students’ grades on bulletin boards publicly motivate them to perform better? Essay sample

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There are both advantages and disadvantages of posting students’ grades on bulletin boards publicly. A lot of teachers believe that it will motivate students to perform better. However, it will motivate mainly those students who already get A’s and B’s. Speaking about those who get straight A’s, they will most likely want to demonstrate that they are able to perform on the same level. In this case, such practice will be motivational. Speaking about those students who mostly get B’s, they will definitely want to show that they can do better which means that posting their grades on bulletin boards will be motivational.

However, such practice will become totally destructive to those students who perform poorly at school. It will even be completely demotivating for them. The thing is that seeing the success of others being publicly displayed serves as some sort of reminder that others are not as good as the successful ones. Thus, it simply demotivates them to start doing better. What is more, some of those students who perform poorly might even lose hope.

What should also be specified regarding the subject under consideration is that the main goal of learning is not to demonstrate the best results. The primary aim is to learn something new and to acquire new skills which one will later on use while doing their jobs. Thus, it is completely unimportant to be excellent at everything. What every student needs to keep in mind is that they should find something they are passionate about and to do their best so that to make all their dreams come true. Getting straight A’s in every subject at school does necessarily mean that a person will start an impressive career right away or even find a well-paid job.