Is it important to have school uniforms? essay sample

The statement that all students of K-12 schools shall wear uniforms became rather controversial these days. If earlier the point of wearing uniforms was not on the agenda, things changed by this time. As the number of students  in general increased, kids of the poor parents obtained a chance for secondary education. Consequently, their parents care about the cost spent on schooling. As children grow up quickly, great sums of money will be spent purely on dressing children in a school uniform. Students, in their turn, are anxious about their individuality. While some kids want to assimilate with their peers, the other half need to stand out. Despite all inconsistencies, schools in which students wear uniform benefit in certain aspects.

School uniforms help to maintain order and promote equality among students. They reduce competition and diminish bullying by making all students irrespective of their social class look identical. Moreover, students do not become distracted by their own appearance and outfit of their peers which helps them to keep a focus on education. They better understand the concept of “team spirit” and develop self-discipline. Uniforms also help to detect intruders and assure safety to kids.

On the other hand, many parents complain about high prices for the uniform. As they become unable to buy a new set of school uniforms, needy kids have to wear old and shabby ones or take second-hand uniforms. Such clothing underlines poverty and nurtures bullying. Children complain that they suffer from old stereotypes when girls are not allowed to wear pants to school. Kids want to show their individuality and assure that they all are different. Nevertheless, schools cannot come to the consensus with needy families so that their students just continue buying and wearing uniforms.

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