What are the reasons behind long lasting marriages? essay sample


According to the polls, only 7 percent of current marriages in the US have reached to the 50 years point. Living such a long time together is a dream to many couples, nevertheless, not all of them can stay strong in their marriage during to the emerging circumstances.  But still, a few couples succeeded to live a happy family life for such a long time. Apparently, these people have some secrets which help them not to ruin relationships with their spouses in every misunderstanding.

A simple and natural reason for living a happy life together is love. Respondents who were married for a long time described that they had a strong and overwhelming feeling of comfort with their decisions. Spouses were 100 percent sure that they have chosen the right person to marry. The next important factor which makes a basis for a solid marriage is choosing and being a reliable life partner. The two people who understand how essential it is to provide backing to each other can make their marriage even stronger over the time. Of course, commitment, understanding, and sacrificing make people hold together.

Despite the stereotype that opposites attract, researchers say that long and happy marriage takes two  people who share the core values regarding family, parenting, education, religion and other aspects. Couples who stay together for decades develop “marital permanency” which means that they do not see a divorce as an option to solve problems. In any relationships, people inevitably experience bright and tough periods; facing another crisis, loving partners shall think how to support and help each other but not to quit.