How does sports psychology help promote mental health in different workplaces? essay sample

Sports psychology deals mostly with enhancing performance and well-being of athletes.  While coaches are more interested in their physical health and abilities, sports psychologists work to decrease mental tension upon sportsmen. It is clear that sports pose a bigger challenge than other occupations on the employees. They require full concentration on the goals and training up to exhaustion to succeed. Specifics of the job make attempts of ordinary psychologists unhelpful which makes way to sport psychologists.

Sports psychology is rather a narrow branch of the broad psychological science, however, it can be effectively applied to non-sporting occupations. Take, for example, office clerks working in the business environment. Their mental health is endangered due to the pressure coming from managers, clients, competitors who constantly make each other’s life difficult. In fact, main problems in sports resemble challenges common to the business community which makes sports psychology helpful for a broader range of workers.

Sports psychology enhances performance through the techniques of visualization, self-talk, and relaxation. They help employees to achieve their full potential in the workplace. Competition is immanent to most occupations, but in sports overcoming competitors is most crucial. It is always useful for business people to adopt some of the sporting techniques in competition. The next common trait is exhaustion. Workers of all occupations can lose their motivation but sports psychology will help to find the incentives to move forwards. And last, many employees sometimes feel worthless as compared to the colleagues and competitors. Tactics used by sports psychologists allow people to keep their self-esteem high and not to give up in front of difficulties.