Understanding the psychological problems of the homeless people essay sample


The homeless make up one of the most troubled social layers. Having no regular income, they are deprived of basic accommodation, food, health insurance. Most homeless individuals are unsheltered and live in the streets. To cope with the problem, it is important to understand that the homeless experience a range of mental difficulties due to their status.

Mental illnesses prevail among the poor people without homes. Depression and personality disorders are reported to strike the homeless twice as intense as the remaining population. Suicide attempts happen among people who have recently become homeless and who cannot accept the possibility of living in the street. And it is unclear how governments shall treat millions of people who may appear mentally ill.

The physical health of homeless can be even worse than mental. Most of them suffer from tuberculosis, asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and transmit them to the yet healthy homeless. In this respect, unsheltered people pose a great danger to public health. Substance abuse is another common reason why people lose their homes. Alcohol and drug addicts are widespread among the homeless and they will not be able to find a way out of homelessness without help.

Looking closer at the homeless, we may notice that they all are strongly distressed by social disgust. Exclusion from their previous environment makes the homeless desperate enough to think that they will never be able to gain the respect of the society. Most people are so shocked by the fact of falling into the complete poverty that they do not have strength to resist, find some job or ask for help.