Is the structure of our society falling apart these days? essay sample



Every society has its structure that defines relations between its members. A unified society is meant to assure certain comfort and development for all individuals and their interaction. Every Western society had its own challenges at some period in their development, and now critics continue to link social, economic, educational, and ethical inconsistencies of the American society to yet another crisis. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that quick globalization and industrialization have created more pressing problems, and all of them require a specific approach.

Adaptation and integration are the core element of every social structure, and their lack seems to undermine modern miscellaneous communities. Problems of cultural and ethnic groups follow America as a nightmare throughout its history. Both native people and immigrants still cannot find a way to integrate into the wider American society beyond their local community. As a matter of fact, the whole society in question is not a group of individuals who share values and methods of achieving goals but a community that accustomed to differentiating African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Italian-Americans and many other groups according to their distinctions. Certainly, each  of these communities is very strong within, but the society as a whole is extremely fragile.

Another factor destroying social structure from within is an increasing chasm between social classes. Guided mostly by capitalist values, higher layers of society keep multiplying their wealth, and lower ones struggle not to roll down into poverty. A huge number of people cannot “integrate” in a better world because they never inherited any assets, and officials tied themselves into knots of social programs that could possibly improve conditions for the poor. Apparently, all individuals in this structure have too diverse opportunities, and social challenges tend only to exacerbate with time.

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