Prejudice will always be a part of our lives essay sample


Many old stereotypes are so sticky that even progressive and self-conscious people sometimes catch a spark of prejudice in their thoughts. Despite the tangible progress in social education and development, the lasting impression that all individuals of any economic or ethnic community are the same is extremely difficult to get rid of. We frequently refer to stereotypes unconsciously, not realizing that educated people still nourish an inadmissible way of thinking. So why cannot we just break the cycle of making up connections that are not true?

Scientists admit that we create stereotypes due to a chain of mental processes and interactions. Several sections of human brain respond for evaluating information and triggering an emotional response to it. Once stereotyped impressions have been activated in our memory, brain centers react to images of people of a different race in the same way. On the bright side, scientists suppose that unconscious  behavior can be treated through self-observation, reflection, and behavioral training. Individuals are able to replace old concepts with new ones through meditation as it is a common way to re-imagine things.

Despite the ability to control what we are thinking, most people find it easier to live with established stereotypes. Perhaps, some of them consider stereotypes not as flawed as they are told and they will stick to their own opinion concerning this topic. Surely, all opinions shall exist unless they are discriminating others or depriving them of essential rights. Due to the fact that many people are unwilling to change their mind, incorrect beliefs will continue to exist in the society.

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