It should be legally made mandatory for adoptive parents to allow biological parents access to the children they gave birth to essay sample

Adoptive parents frequently face the problem that their children are a little detached from their new family. Despite a good care and positive intentions of the family, kids may be obsessed with the necessity to find their biological parents. Many young people want to ask why their true mom made a heartless decision to give them away. Some mysterious reason makes these kids believe that knowing their birth parents will bring them comfort and understanding. But such a reunion may bring quite unpleasant feeling instead, not even to mention possible threats to the adoptive parents.

From the point of ethics, adoptive parents ought to allow their children to search for their biological parents if they want to. If children have found these people and want to stay in contact with them, adoptive parents shall not prohibit it. But from the legal perspective, the only family these children have is their adoptive family. They are people who loved and protected adoptive kids as their own ones, consequently, they shall be the only legal relatives.

As soon as children come of age, they enter an independent life in which they are free to interact with any people they would like to. If the adoptive parents treated children nice, their kindness will be repaid with gratitude and respect. Of course, it is essential for children to be grateful in their turn, though nobody can force them to have that feeling against their will. All in all, the members of the adoptive family shall remain humans: jealousy is inadmissible if children are curious about their family history.

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