Should churches work harder to be multi-racial? essay sample

Today we already got used to thinking that religion unites people. Perhaps, it is partially true. People who traditionally believe in the same God socialize within their church so that they develop a strong identity inherent to their group. Previously, church concentrated on differentiating people according to their confession and adherence to any particular creed. The cross-religious controversy was usually unavoidable when believers of a different kind bumped into a wall of misunderstanding constructed by their churches. Religious propaganda frequently discriminated ethnic and cultural groups which had practically the same beliefs put in a different way. In the twenty-first century, the church cannot continue influencing people like this which raises the necessity of both multiethnic and multicultural activity.

As modern societies have done a great job in overcoming prejudices and stereotypes, they try to make their church more open to the broader community. As soon as people wish to visit the church and feel in harmony with God, they shall be always welcome to do it. Modern views on God obviously became more complex, and they transcended both geographical and cultural borders. At the same time, some believers still feel uncomfortable when they see racial diversity within their confession.

Religious multiculturalism is an essential thing both for newcomers and for believers who have been devoted to their religion the whole life. Cultural differentiation prevents individuals from joining other groups and borrowing their wisdom. Consequently, believers shall take efforts to make their church more cross-cultural and friendly.

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