Supporting the Local Food movement by buying and eating the local food essay sample



Tastes and eating habits of consumers differ even if they live in one and the same area. Education, family income, customs, and traditions also influence what we eat and buy at the market. The recent rise of multinational corporations made food more cheap, accessible, and processed. The greater part of the consumer basket of an average American consists of prepared food and snacks from the supermarket which are quick to prepare and consume. Meanwhile, the local food movement is gaining more supporters who promote local farmers instead of multinational companies.

Many people associate products grown in their area with organic and sustainable food. In fact, local food is mostly organic, although it depends on the farmers. The major advantage of locally grown products over the groceries supplied by supermarkets is the consumer’s ability to connect manufacturers. Residents of the rural areas usually know one another as well as conditions in which their local food was grown. Otherwise, they can easily ask local farmers whether they use any pesticides, antibiotics or hormones to raise plants or breed chicken.

Eating local food is absolutely positive for health and economy. Buying seasonal vegetables from farmers at the local market, we supply our body with essential vitamins. These vegetables are usually sold when they are ripe as there is no need to pick them while raw. Economic advantages cannot be overseen either. Due to the consumers’ support, farmers have more chances to reinvest in their community.

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