Job satisfaction influences employee turnover rates essay sample

Employee turnover greatly depends not only on job satisfaction but also on the work environment. As soon as an employee anticipates that their efforts are not properly valued, they start feeling uncomfortable spending the greater part of their life in a hostile environment. Thus, management styles are also involved in job satisfaction. Individuals want to feel valued by their boss and colleagues as it confirms that they have done a right choice. Employers who do not care about creating a nice atmosphere in their office shall prepare to an increased employee turnover.

The first thing for an employer to pay their attention to is personal respect to employees. Some bosses always forget to show little signs of appreciation to their subordinates, which help people to feel valuable. A small talk in the elevator or nice team building activities after hours certainly make employees think that each of them matters to the company.

Many workers take into account career opportunities in their company. Ambitious people constantly need to grow and develop; such individuals will not stay for a long time at the position that is a dead end to their career. Opportunities come along with a rise in salary, which is one more important factor.

Management styles sometimes push employees to search for another job. Authoritarian management style, unlike collaborative one, makes people think that they constantly stay on the edge of dismissal. None of the employees can feel satisfied when their boss seems to wait until the subordinate does something wrong. Working with radical people can be very challenging and even a  high salary rarely stops employees from searching a better place to work.