Video games reduce the attention span of children and adults essay sample

Short attention span in children is no news to modern parents. Kids cannot hold in memory a few sentences that have been just said by the teacher. Adults suspect video games are distracting children so that they become unable to focus on anything but games. According to the recent studies, children who spend more than three hours in front of a screen (TV or computer) tend to have poor attention. This finding seems overgeneralized as it is uncertain whether video games, in particular, are at fault. Or could it be passive sedentary lifestyle?

Playing games for a long time indeed affects human brain, another group of experts says. Apparently, video games require a quick and short focus on the tasks which constantly change. After long hours of gaming children become restless because of the tension imposed by games. They react to surrounding changes quicker than other kids but they do not listen to the teachers as sentences do not retain in their memory. However, these effects refer only to excessive gaming measured as 3 hours of screen time a day and more.

Video games are frequently treated as if they are a sheer evil in the life of modern kids. We can constantly hear anxious parents complain about nasty kids gaming all day long. Perhaps, some games strongly affect kids indeed. But parents are the prior censors for their children; adults have to limit unhealthy activities for those who cannot yet realize how addictive video games can be.