Addiction to online gaming and social networking sites has negative influences on interaction in the workplace and in face-to-face communications essay sample

Video games and social networks have changed lifestyles in the recent years. The youth started to spend an immense amount of time in a virtual reality, and parents felt helpless about their inability to involve children in other activities. Social networking (which also includes video gaming) brings both positive and negative effects unless it turns into addiction. Online gaming may help teenagers overcome prejudice about age, gender, and social status of people gaming in one and the same community. Games also increase self-esteem as children feel that they can do something right. However, addiction damages not only gamer’s personality but also their communication with peers and colleagues.

We all know that too much of anything is always wrong, and online interaction is not an exception. People who spend most of their time in the virtual world frequently become depressed and antisocial. They feel awkward among “real” people, and try to hide their shyness behind the Facebook profile. Naturally, people try to avoid live communication and compensate it on the net. Social phobia leads to the degradation of live communication skills so that a lot of people find it difficult to integrate into their business or family environment to make a small talk at least.

On the other hand, social media addicts frequently express aggression and intolerance to others. Perhaps, the excess of violent video games is to blame. Various studies show different results; they allow to conclude that the personality type predisposes people to either antisocial or violent behavior. Individuals addicted to social networks need to integrate into their real social environment with the help of a therapist.